Dedicated to the spa tradition, the products selected for our treatments are the most natural and highest quality products on the market. We care about the long term health of our clients because we all deserve to live the good life. We provide you with the most sanitary and natural nail care and waxing services available, all within a relaxed and comfortable environment.

We don't offer Spa Chairs for sanitary reasons; we don't reuse any disposable tools for your care. All of our implements are disinfected using hospital grade procedures and are individually packaged, ensuring your health.

Our Philosophy is that beauty comes from within. Therefore, we strongly recommend working with your natural nails. We have also incorporated fresh fruits, veggies and essential oils into our treatments for their maximum healing properties. Our selection of products includes eco-friendly nail polish, healing treatments and formulations that are naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes. If you have artificial enhancements, we will work with you to restore and grow back your natural nails to their full luster and strength.

At Akua Nail Salon customer comes first, we provide you with our 100% attention and commitment that everyone leaves happy! You will receive extraordinary service from the finest technician in the bay area. Our exceptional staff of attentive and caring professionals is genuinely dedicated to make your time spent with us both relaxing and carefree.





501 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA 94116
Phone: (415) 379-4915

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